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Are you an Entertainer? 


Name of Character/Band/Performance

Open Parts still available!!!


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I can volunteer in 2020 with hopes of being hired in 2021

What is your rate?

What's Your Hidden Talent? 

We love it all! Magicians, jugglers, actors and actresses! We do have an open casting call for the positions in the form :) 

Under 18? Fill this out too! 

Open Casting Call: 

1. Naughty and Nice Fairy Court Jesters,

Age 25-40; Male; Comedian Position. Costume Fitting Required.

2. New Marketplace Bum – Casting call for Comedic Position –Male – Age: 30+. Must bring own costume and props. Costume Must be Pre-Approved.

3. Gnomes: Casting call for actors of 4ft and under stature –1 Male/ 1 Female.. Age: 20+. Costume Fitting Required if you don’t have your own.

4. Lady of the Lake – Female – Petite Stature/long Hair –blonde or White - can wear a wig, Age: 20-30, Must play instrument:Flute or Ukulele. Costume Fitting Required.

5. King Author – Male – 30’s-50’s Age range. Beard Required. Costume Fitting Required or Can Bring your own if you have one for this Role.

6 .Tea Party Guest - Animals Characters: Raven, Cat, Fox, Dog, Gorilla, Goblin, Rabbit. Supporting Role . Mask Requirement to be worn at all times of the festival. Male and Female Roles.

Must bring own Party Dress/Suit. Costume Must be Pre-Approved.

7. White Queen’s Court: Paiges and Dukes/Duchess. Volunteer Positions. Supporting Role. 3 Males/2 Females. Age: 16-50’s. Costume Fitting Required.

8. Trolls on Bridge: Male/Female. Three Positions Available. Age: 20+. Mask Required to wear. Costume Fitting Required if you don’t have your own.

9. Friendly Fae Wanderers (3) (acorn, pinecone and corn) Female Fairies. Age: Any age. Costume Fitting Require. Can accommodate with personal costume items to create our Fall Fairies.

We are always looking for amazing acts! 

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