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Join Us for a Magical Adventure​

The Forest in Dykeman park has been untouched by magic for over 100 years. Seeing the chaos in the human world the void was lifted by a wizard, hoping to bring balance back to this plane.

A spell was cast to awaken all the creatures behind the veil of truth.

Suddenly, the Fae and creatures only heard of in storybooks of Wonderland came alive!

The fairy tales of old reveal the true nature of the forest, hidden until now, just beyond human sight.

Walk the paths through a wooded fairyland to find mystery and adventure. Stop in Wonderland to meet your favorites and have a cup of tea or wander further to see mermaids swimming in a pond. Join King Arthur and his knights as they prepare to save Camelot or spend time listening to music or make your own.

What to Expect

Artisans and unique vendors line the trail and the field.  Unique foods and fun for the young and old. Family friendly but with doses of adult fun. 

Otherworldly fairy tale creatures, giant stilt walkers, fairies, and good fantasy fun all come together for one mystical day.


Tea Parties

A Mad Hatter



Gate Keeper Fairies

Sword Fighting


Interactive Events



Beautiful scenery

King Arthur and the Lady of the Lake



Wandering Minstrels



Petting Zoo

About Shippensburg, PA and our festival location

Dykeman Park is a 56 acre area surrounding historic Dykeman Springs. It is a preserved open space and Dykeman Springs is on the National Register of Historic places. Dykeman Springs were originally called Indian Head Springs for the Delaware Indians that were living there in 1730. 

Dykeman Springs is surrounded by Dykeman Park, which is open from dawn until dusk. The park includes several trails (with benches): The Dykeman Walking Trail, The Dykeman Park Meadow Trail, The Dykeman Park Upland Trail as well as two ponds, several picnic tables and Dykeman Baseball Field.

Parking fees will benefit the local Shippensburg Little League Baseball club. Shippensburg Parks and Recreation is providing the venue for Fae and Wonderland. We are excited to be joined by the book fairies from the Shippensburg library.

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